New Vision Charter School (NVCS), Loveland, Colorado

Amanda Arens of Arens Consulting has played an integral part in getting our school literacy program established and well underway.  She has worked with NVCS for the past three years as a literacy consultant to help implement Four Blocks and Big Blocks across our K-6 literacy program. 

Her work has included curriculum mapping to adhere to our Core Knowledge standards and Colorado state standards.  She consulted on scheduling to assure that teachers were meeting the time requirements in each of the four blocks of literacy instruction. 

Amanda has conducted observations of classroom teachers for the purpose of coaching them toward best practices in teaching Reading and Writing.  In addition, she has done many presentations around Reading and Writing Workshop models as well as led and maintained oversight of several book studies over the years.  She developed agendas for our Principal who then led team meetings around the book studies to assist teachers in growing professionally around teaching Reading and Writing. 

Amanda has been a true partner in developing our Literacy program.  She is a strong leader with a passion for helping teachers be the best that they can be for the purpose of helping students develop a passion for Reading and Writing that will carry them for a lifetime. 

Amanda has set our school on solid ground and we are all very thankful for the time that she has spent at New Vision Charter School and look forward to a continued partnership with Arens Consulting.

Sara Vanderheyden
New Vision Charter School
Literacy Leader

Satisfied Clients

Amanda Arens has worked with numerous districts providing professional development in various methods.  She is able to adapt to your districts' needs and help you build an environment that is successful. 
Below are comments from some of the districts, administrators and teachers she has worked with in the past.

Belton School District, Belton, MO

From 2013-2016 Amanda worked for my district in a professional capacity for purposes of curriculum and professional development.  She was invaluable to our district as she worked tirelessly to develop an electronically formatted curriculum in our ELA Department K-12. 

 Amanda Arens finds worth in every individual and is able to motivate and support students as well as staff as they reach for higher levels of excellence.  Whether working with a reluctant child or staff member, Amanda builds positive relationships through validation and encouragement, ultimately building upon each person’s unique strengths and aptitude.

 In closing, Amanda will bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to any program she associates with.

Dr. Rhonda Hardee
Assistant Superintendent Curriculum & Instruction

SAU 6 Claremont, NH

Exposure to Amanda and her expertise has made me a better writing teacher, and has also improved the overall delivery of writing curriculum in our school.   The proof is in the enthusiasm and performance of our students.

 Amanda worked with us for several years implementing Four-Blocks and also the development of writing curriculum.  I found her passionate enthusiasm for writing and those who teach it to be infectious. I know my teaching abilities in this area have improved greatly because of her influence.  The children are the beneficiaries.  Amanda has been a huge asset to Maple Ave. School, and to our district, and I am grateful I've had the opportunity to work with her.

Ellie Feleen, 3rd Grade Teacher

Maple Elementary

SAU 6 Claremont, NH

North Callaway, Kingdom City, Missouri

I have had the pleasure of working with Amanda Arens as a teacher, literacy coach, and administrator. While I was a classroom teacher, she encouraged me to look at literacy research and to evaluate each student’s reading ability .She provided guidance in developing each student into the best reader they could be by working on individual weaknesses. She was always willing to model a lesson or offer feedback on a lesson I had taught.

Assessments and the data collected from them became the focus when I became the literacy coach for the North Callaway R1 School District. Ms. Arens provided professional development to the faculty on the Observational Survey and the DRA2. She built a great rapport with the teachers during her presentations and helped build understanding in the area of data collection.

As a principal, I welcome Ms. Arens into my building to help new teachers learn and understand the philosophy of Four Blocks. She shares her knowledge and enthusiasm about literacy in a way that captures her audience.

Nicky Kemp, Principal
Williamsburg Elementary​